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Plays: 2,887      Tags: loogames, drive, car, monster
By: loogames on Jul 26, 2011
Description: When Monster Car competes nothing matters. Even if there are cars in his path, he climbs over them and ensure that first place belongs to him. Monster Car is the ideal car for anyone.


Prehistory Grand Prix
Prehistory Grand...
Prehistory Grand Prix
Choose the car the suits you the best and check what are your weapons and dont be afraid to use them. Accessorize your car and get on the highway. Each race will be more difficult and you will need to be tougher and smarter than your opponents.
Stunt Maker
Stunt Maker
Stunt Maker
Build the best bike and best stunt by jumping all the obstacles without harm to your health or run out of fuel
3D Bike Race
3D Bike Race
3D Bike Race
3D Bike Race has 5 tracks to unlock. Select your bike to Race through the competition. Get ready to race against some tough riders as you have to win the race to progress to the next level
Truck Riders
Truck Riders
Truck Riders
Race against opponents and win prize money! You can buy some upgrades and unlock new trucks in the shop
ATV Trip
ATV Trip
ATV Trip
Grab your atv and ride as fast as you can, Will you complete all 10 levels?
Donkey Kong Jungle Ride
Donkey Kong...
Donkey Kong Jungle Ride
Featuring Donkey Kong in a new mission of Adventure Ride. Ride through the jungle collecting bananas to gain more points.Donkey Kong has to cross many obstacles in each level to complete his adventure. Have Fun !
Hell Chopper
Hell Chopper
Hell Chopper
Ride your bike as a skeleton over the hills. Try to grab all the pumpkins you can. Dont crash!
At yarisi
At yarisi
At yarisi
The fastest horse!
Report For Duty
Report For Duty
Report For Duty
Drive your jeep around rescuing soldiers and bringing them back to your helicopter.
Lethal Racing
Lethal Racing
Lethal Racing
Welcome to Lethal Racing! The ultimate racing game, based across 3 exciting locations sees you racing in mine carts, lawnmowers and shopping trolleys! Collect the coins and finish as fast as possible to earn points for upgrades!
Astro Motocross
Astro Motocross
Astro Motocross
Motocross excitement is waiting for you in an unknown planet. Despite of all the danger can you finish the game in shortest time?
Pro Rodz
Pro Rodz
Pro Rodz
Tuning game and paired the perfect metallic hoods, luxuriously looking rims, great headlights and other type of car tuning kits that you can find in the cool car tuning game and which you can pick from to design that luxurious supercar
Hit The Road
Hit The Road
Hit The Road
Get the pedestrians safely over the zebra crossing, click on each pedestrian as they approach the road crossing to get them across. Watch out for speeding cars avoid pedestrians involved in car accidents at all costs
City Cab Driver
City Cab Driver
City Cab Driver
Head out to the city and see how much you can make in a single day, are you skilled enough to make your self a fortune? we will find out as you have the keys to this brand new yellow taxi
Mini Bike Challenge
Mini Bike...
Mini Bike Challenge
Shift gears is the new innovation in this bike game. Low gears for power, high gears for speed
One for the Road
One for the Road
One for the Road
Set your speed, choose how hard to brake, and see if you can stop in time! At the end of each level you can Get a Taxi and save your score, or Get a Drink and take a risk. But be aware, the more you d
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge
Tak: The Great...
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge
Race around the track as Tak. Can you complete the track and win the race?
Global Gears
Global Gears
Global Gears
Global Gears is a great little racer loaded full of super fast racing, big money betting and car upgrades... Have fun

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