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The purpose of this FAQ is to help users understand how the site works and how they can use it.Any questions that aren't answered here may be directed to the GameGape Administrators.

General Questions

Is this free?
Ooh yes!... so feel free to play as many games as you want!
By the way, did you tell your friends about us ?

Do I need to create an account?
You can play without creating an account.
However creating one is free, takes only a few seconds, and allows you to:
-Play new games every day
-Create a unique profile
-Make friends with other players
-Save favorite games
-Share games with friends
-Submit high scores
-Write game reviews
-Rate and comment games
-...and much more!
So we recommend you to sign up.

What is site requirements?
There are two key components required to take full advantage of the features on this site:
-Adobe Flash version 8.0+
-Javascript version 1.2+

How can I optimize my Windows computer and software to work best with GameGape?
-We recommend a display resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels and 16 bit depth.
-We also recommend Google Chrome or FireFox browser.


I have a great idea for this website!
Cool! Just click the Feedback link at the bottom to submit your suggestion.
Remember to check out the suggestions that other people have submitted and vote up the ones you think we should implement.

I found a bug!
Ouch, that's bad! But click the Feedback link at the bottom to submit your bug report.
Remember to check the bug reports that other users have submitted, and vote up the ones you think we should fix first.


What is Friends?
Friends are members like you on Get to know your friends by viewing their personal profiles.
See which games they're playing and share your favorite games with them.

How to add some friends on GameGape?
Go to his or her profile page ( by clicking on his/her nick name )
1. Click on Add to Friends (under his/her avatar) , a notification will be sent to him to add you in its friend list.
2. Once accepted, a new profile will appear on your friend list

How to block a friend ?
You dont't like someone and want to prevent him from sending you messages, posting comment on your page ?
Go to his or her profile page ( by clicking on his/her nick name )
Click on 'Block this member' (under his/her avatar) to block that user

How can I see the list of people I've blocked?
Go to the "Blocked members" on your friends list.

How to write a testimonial ?
Go to his or her profile page ( by clicking on his/her nick name )
Click on 'Write testimonial' (under his/her avatar) to start writing testimonial.

Private Messaging

What is Private Messaging ?
Private Messaging (PM) is the internal mail system.
Anyone with an account can send a message to anyone else on the site simply by entering their Nickname.

Where do I access my Private Messages?
While logged in to the site, there is a link at the top of every page labeled "Messages" that will redirect registered users to the Private Messaging system.

Can I PM anyone I want?
Every registered user may PM any other user. It's up to each individual person to decide whether to respond to, ignore, or in some cases block incoming messages.

How many messages can I receive before my PM Inbox fills up?
Every user is allotted 300 messages.

What happens when I reach the limit?
Messages cannot be sent to users who have reached their limit.
Instead, an error message is displayed indicating that the intended recipient's Inbox is full.

How to send a message to other members?
You want to contact a GameGaper?
1. Sign in first.
2. Go to his profile page,
3. Click on 'Send a message'
4. Fulfill subject and message text fields then click on 'Send'

You can also,
1. Click on 'Message'
2. Click on 'Compose'
3. Fulfill Nickname, subject and message text fields then click on 'Send'

How to read a message from a member?
1. Logged in first.
2. Click on "Message" ( at the top of every page )
3. Click on "Inbox"

How to delete a message?
1. Click on Messenges link
2. Click on 'Inbox', look for messages check on the message you need to delete,
3. Click on 'remove'

Create & Manage Account

How do I sign up?
Just click on "Sign me up" at the top of any page. You should land on the sign up page.
Fill out the form on the left of the page by:
1. choosing a Nickname
2. entering your e-mail address
3. choosing a password
4. confirming your password
...and that's it!
You should then get a confirmation email very soon.

How do I sign in?
Click "Sign In" in the upper, right corner of the page.
Enter your nick name and password, then click "Submit."

Do I need to sign in every time I visit?
It is not necessary to sign in each time you visit GameGape.
GameGape will remember you by placing a cookie in your browser so your entertainment is automatically personalized. However, there are some areas of the site which require you to sign in to protect your privacy.

What is "My Page"?
My Page is your personal webpage on
It contains your info, facts, gaming stats as well as any challenges you have set.
It helps you identify your friends and lets you make new ones!

What is the address (URL) of My Page?
It should be
So if your nick name is Hope (that's me ;-) the page is

How do I change my profile and preferences?
Sign in with your nick name and password to gain access to your profile. Click on "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner of the page.
Among other things you can change profile information, avatar, profile picture.

How do I change my password?
Sign in with your nick name and password to gain access to your profile. Click on "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner of the page. Look for "Change password"
Enter your old and new passwords and validate.
You will have to use your new password the next time you log-in.

How do I change my email?
Sign in with your nick name and password to gain access to your profile. Click on "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner of the page. Look for "My email address"
Enter your new email in the "My email" box.
Click on "update".

Lost password. How do I get it back?
Click on "Log in" at the top of any page, then click on "forgot your password?".
Enter your Nickname or email in the box called "Lost my password" then validate.
You will receive your password by email.

What is Avatars ?
Avatars give users a visually unique identity on the site.
Set this to distinguish yourself in the community.

How do I change my Avatar ?
Sign in with your nick name and password to gain access to your profile. Click on "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner of the page.
Look for "Change your avatar"
Choose your avatar and click on "update".


GameGape isn't loading properly?
In most cases, this is only a temporary connection issue. Trying again later should resolve it.
If it persists, please contact : tech AT GameGape DOT com

I received an error message saying "You must be signed in to use this feature.
To use some GameGape features, you must have a GameGape account and you must be signed in.
Click "Sign in now" and you will be taken to the Sign In page.
If you are not a GameGape member, click the "Sign up now" link to set up a free membership.

Gapes / Points

What are Gapes ?
Think of as "Points"
The idea is to reward users who take part into GameGape's life by playing games, commenting or rating games.
The more active you are on GameGape, the more Gapes you will earn.
Below is a list of how a user can earn Gapes:

If you ... Gapes earned:
Fill out your profile information 10 (once)
Upload an avatar 15 (once)
Play a game 1
Added as friend by other member 8
Each star voted by other member 3
Write a game comment 2
Add a favorite game 1
Add a friend 1
Be a GameGape member 3 per day
Rate a game 3
Reply a forum thread 3
Won a challenge game 20
Be a world champion in a game 2.000

How often are my Gapes calculated ?
Your Gapes are automatically calculated everytime you logged in.

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